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I think you have hit the nail on the head Jitesh. I have about 4 or 5 content providers all with android tv apps on my nvidia shield.  The only content provider with no android tv app is Optus Sport. It's been too long now, they aren't going to release one.  Luckily its getting easier to source the EPL elsewhere so their subscriptions should continue to dwindle.


And for the record, Chromecast is a p1ss poor option. If you start a game late, but from the beginning, it jumps to the live position e.g. the game is 30 minutes old, you start it from the beginning without knowing the score but want to skip the pre-match guff, as soon as you try and skip forward a few minutes it goes straight to the live position.  Drives me crazy if a game kicks off at 3am but i want to start watching at a more reasonable 4am so i can go to work at 6am when it finishes. 


Optus Sport was so progressive when they came on the scene. Now they are so far behind Kayo its laughable.

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