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Optus Sport 1 & 2 not working for Apple TV4k

I have been using the Optus Sport app for Apple TV 4K for at least 3-4 months now. When i first started using the app i had no problems. Their was an easy to find button to click in order to watch Optus sport 1 & 2 (Live TV). However about 1 month ago this button to watch Live TV Optus sport 1 & 2 has suddenly dissapeared. (At the time you were showing club marathons & Derby day marathons, etc.) It has been a month and still no way to watch Live Optus Sport TV 1 & 2. Please, as their is currently no live EPL matches It would be really great if you could please fix this issue for me! 


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Re: Optus Sport 1 & 2 not working for Apple TV4k

HI @AC10

Have you been able to uninstall/reinstall the Optus Sport app to see if this rectifies the issue?

If you're still facing issues, please raise a Support ticket to our Optus Sport team.

  1. Make sure you are logged in with your registered Optus Sport username and password
  2. Visit the Help and Support section via the in-app menu
  3. Click Log a case
  4. Enter a title for your issue
  5. Select a relevant category for you issue from the drop down list
  6. Briefly describe the issue you are having. Any detail you provide here will help us resolve your issue as quickly as possible
  7. You can upload an image or screenshot if it’s relevant to the issue and will help identify the problem
  8. Press Submit
  9. We will send you an email with your reference number
  10. An agent will review your issue and come back with a resolution or contact you via an in-app notification for more information
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