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Optus Fetch Mini - Preparing system please wait

I have had Optus TV with Fetch for about a year now and it was working perfectly, however about a week ago when I turned it on it just stayed at the screen 'preparing system please wait' and doesn't change, even after 30 minutes. I had it on this screen for a few days to see if it changed but nothing. I have tried changing cords around, resetting both box and modem but still the same thing.


I have tried to unplug the fetch TV box and waited for 30 seconds, and put the power back on, then I saw the TV screen displayed "preparing the system, please wait ..." Also tried a hard reset with the sequence Blue, Yellow, Green Red individually from right to left - still nothing happens. Also checked the TV settings, although have not touched these since before plugging in the Mini.


By the way, the internet connection in my home is working fine.


Any help would be great thanks.

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Re: Optus Fetch Mini - Preparing system please wait

Hey @Gotham1 - sounds like you've run through all the necessary trouble shooting that we would suggest, such as a hard/soft reset, power cycle etc.
We may need to replace your STB, however we'll take a further look from our end. Can you please confirm your account number, full name and DOB via a private message? 

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