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Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Optus Customer Service

Hi all.  New to this forum but have been reading the comments re the removal of channels from the Variety Pack, which we have got an were not aware things had changed..  It's a disgrace that they continue to sign up people to a package only to change a few months later.  We are having huge problems with Optus ref our NBN.  Constant dropouts and streaming issues.  Four months of wrangling and getting the TIO (telecommunications Ombudsman) hasn't resolved the issue and the senior case manager, we spoke to on Thursday was so rude, aggresive and negative, basically telling us the service is what it is and if we don't like it we can basically F>>K OFF!  They have fnally advised that they are not responsible for Wi-Fi issues in the home, only for supply of internet to the premises - we are fibre to the node and copper to the premises.  They suggested a month ago that we buy a third-party router, disable wi-fi on the optus modem/router so we continue to use that for the landline only and use the Netgear we purchased for wi-fi. Four hours on phone to Netgear and we could not connect, as it seems there was something in the Optus modem blocking it. They have now suggested we buy a third party modem/router to see if this will assist and they will reimburse us up to $200 - which means we will lose our landline, which was part of the package we subscribed to when we changed over to the NBN, but they have advised we will get no reduction in our monthly fee.  I could go on for days about the so-called service being offered by Optus.  Our Fetch box has been replaced at their suggestion from hard-wired to Wi-Fi as we were having problems with that as well, and yet they state they do not support Wi-Fi?  Sorry to rant on the Entertainment page but our frustration level is at breaking point and we cannot believe the attitude of Optus senior staff, which seems to be shut up or f..k off!!! Of note, though, we seem to get a better service from the technical staff in Mumbai than senior staff in Australia...