On Demand EPL games available on App much quicker than for Browser or Fetch?


I checked my FetchTV mini this morning at 5:45am as I had planned to watch Arsenal v Brighton before I went to work and the game wasn't up in the On Demand section. Whilst annoyed, I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep.


I get to work and figured I'll watch it via the browser (Chrome) and still no game. This is 8:30am now. 
I check my iPhone OptusSport app and the game is there. It is just not available in the browser.


Why is it available quicker on the app than it is via browser or FetchTV? This has happened to me a number of times before and the answer I always get given is to restart the FetchTV box. This is the first time it has happened via the browser so there is clearly more to this than a faulty Fetch box. 

Re: On Demand EPL games available on App much quicker than for Browser or Fetch?



I don't know why on demand games appear on the app first and from previous posts I don't think Optus know or want to tell its customers why.

My solution is to cast to the tv from the Optus sports app on my phone.   I like to use chromecast as it is cheap to purchase the dongle (around $50) and it is great to stream other content.  Also many new tvs come with chromecast or miricast installed.



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Re: On Demand EPL games available on App much quicker than for Browser or Fetch?


Whilst I appreciate the reply and workaround, I am still looking for an answer from somebody at Optus about this.


I mean, if the superior experience is to buy a Chromecast and mirror then what is the point of the Fetch box? On Demand is such an underwhelming feature as it is, this just makes it worse. Add to it the stress and anxiety that comes with trying to get through the On Demand menu WITHOUT spoiling the score for yourself, be that by misclicking or by stumbling across it some other way. Then to safely arrive at On Demand and find this stupid delay issue is just rubbish. 

Re: On Demand EPL games available on App much quicker than for Browser or Fetch?


Hey @rpizzin, sorry to hear of your experience on Monday, unfortunately there was a longer delay than usual for web and Fetch platforms with this particular game, our TV & Content team were working throughout the morning to get it up and ready asap.


When uploading VOD files to Fetch, it can take longer than other platforms as the file has to be fully trimmed first. With Mobile & Web you will often find the file is uploaded before being trimmed so it is available sooner. We then go back in and trim it down to remove and excess footage from before/after the game. This isn't possible with Fetch which is why you will often see content appear earlier on other platforms.


I do apologise for the extended delay with this game on Monday, it would never normally take this long and measures have been put in place to avoid it moving forward.

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