This has to top all of the poor customer relations failures that I have been reading..


MeTV STB box failed so had to order new one, did so on 17 aug!!!! Guess what, still no STB!!!! I have now got the log of all my calls from NO OPTUS and with 13 calls on that log ( they have missed about another 10 not on the log!!) I still don't have it. What I do have is 3 power line adapters (just what I need) but no STB.  


It has now gone up to a customer relations exec and even she can't get me one, even though she said I would have it last week!!!!! 


I could go on about all that is happened in the last 3 mths but don't want to bore you all with it, and I couldn't be bothered typing out all the failures and broken promises that I have experienced. Time to look at Telstra because OPTUS = NO & FAIL !!!!





They advertise themselves as Zoo for a reason I guess. It is an absolute Zoo, no one has any freakin idea what is going on. The customer service is an absolute joke, the complaint department is non existent. The phone calls are never returned. Ordered me TV a month ago, still waiting for it.Different story eveytime I have called, first was told the order was cancelled, but Optus could not advise why. A 100 phone calls later, was advised delivery attempts were made, but there was no one at home to receive the delivery so it has been returned to the depot? They couldn't advise date/s the delivery attempts were made. 

Have complained over the phone, email etc. Last time I called the supervisor advises the delivery will be expedited, that was almost a week ago. I have given up. Waiting for the contract to be so can switch back to Telstra.





Try looking at iinet... I've been having the same problems with Optus and my Fetch TV box only arrived yesterday.  Now after waiting 20 days + 2 days of tech support to get it running I find out it is a restricted version of Fetch and not the full service!  Trying to cancel but they are throwing the "breaking contract" etc at me.  So I am throwing broken promises and misleading information back at them.



MJF & joannaabel - could you send your service details through to us via this page please? We definitely want to find out what's going on here and give you a hand.

Send me a PM once you've sent your info through and I'll pass your info on to our guys.

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