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No subscriptions available



I fired up my Fetch mini for the first time tonight. Unfortuantely i am having trpible accessing my subscription packages. At the time of purchasing my Fetch package in-store, I had selected Vibe and Childrens package. I am also eligible for Optus Sport. I was under the impression that all these pre-purchsed packages would be avialable and pre-selected which activated my Fetch for the first time, however they are not. 


Is there something I need to do to activate these channels for the first time? I just don't want to end up paying for them twice.


Thanks for your help,



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Re: No subscriptions available

Hey @Bruiser, you can add the channel packs via your set top box. Although the prices will show, any ones included in your plan will be discounted on your bill. Head to Menu > Manage > Subscriptions to activate them. 

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