No ABC or SBS with Fetch


I installed our Fetch TV on the weekend and only noticed today that there is no ABC, SBS or IView or SBS on demand.

We have connect the box to an external antena and I rescanned the channels and reset the box many times.  Anyone got any ideas?

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ABC or SBS free to air (FTA) should be there if your antenna is capable of picking it up. Check through your tv (assuming that's also plugged into the Fetch box) to make sure that you can see them. The other day my daughter couldn't find one of the channels - turned out it had been set to 'my favourite' list which didn't have the full list there..... not saying that's what's happened to you, but that's another possibility.


As for iView and SBS on demand - both of those access the shows online so have nothing to do with the FTA antenna - I'll check my Fetch box when I get home and see where they are..... if you've only just plugged the Fetch box in though, maybe give it a few more days. Don't turn it off - mine took a couple of days to apply a number of updates so maybe iView etc will magically appear soon.... ;-)



Re: No ABC or SBS with Fetch




Fetch TV answering this one on behalf of Optus.


Check that your antenna cables are corerctly plugged in, and then try doing another channel scan.   Go to menu > manage > setttings > channels > full channel scan and the box will pick up all available free to air channels.  You may need to do it a couple of times to get them all. 


The Catch Up TV services are delivered over broadband, so should be automatically there under menu > TV > catch up TV.  SBS on Demand, ABC iview, Ten play and PLUS7 are all available.  Nine Now is not currently available, but we are workin with Nine on this development and it will launch in coming months.


Let us know if you continue to have issues.




Fetch TV

Re: No ABC or SBS with Fetch


I was hunting for this thread to help me find it. Still have one question. How is it that only a chromecast will cast sbs ondemand but the fetch wont? 

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