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New Contributor LUFC6883
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No 7 channels

Hi guys. Is anyone else having a problem with the 7 channels? I noticed the other day that 7Hd wasn't working, just a grey screen no sound. I tried 7sd and this was the same. Then I noticed none of the 7 channels were working at all. I left it a few days and still the same. Tonight I have done a full channel scan and it's completely left off all 7 channels now. Everything else seems to work fine?

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Crowd Champion SillyGogo
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Re: No 7 channels

We are having the same problem. Not sure what it is, I think channel 70 is doing the same the same as what channel 90 done last year, changing over to MPEG-4 format. 


For me

TV1: All channels works

FetchTV: All channels works

TV2: No 90 or 70. Channel 7 works

TV3: None of the channel 7 works. All other channels okay. 

TV4: channel 7 tuned but picture pixelated . All other channels okay. 


Then later on in the day TV4- All channels works. 


All stared around the time of the NBN(Telstra) HFC installation. Not sure if the Coax cable is interfering with the Freq of Channel 7 for some of the older TV coax cables in the ceiling as the NBN coax is near the TV spliter box .


The next time my channel 7 not working, I will turn off all NBN gears and see if that will resolves the issue.

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New Contributor LUFC6883
New Contributor

Re: No 7 channels

Hi, Sorry Ive only just seen this reply.


I seemed to have solved my problem. I went and bought a good quality TV aerial wire as the old one looked cheap. Since replacing the cable I haven't had any issues.





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