New Optus Fetch Box not activated


Very frustrated , can not get New mighty box to activate since going over to NBN.

Comes up with invalid code, optus so far havnt been able to solve it after two months I finaly been given a new code which also dosn`t work. surley it can not be that hard.

Re: New Optus Fetch Box not activated

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I found, calling up support and ask for the FetchTV team woruld be best to resolve fetchtv issues. They usually ask for the MAC address or serial number of your fetch box. Generate a new activation code. You reboot(pull power and plug back in again) the fetch and should able to accept the new code.


If you haven't done so, I suggest you do a reboot and try the code again. If still not working the give the FetchTV team a call, I believe they are open 24/7

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Re: New Optus Fetch Box not activated


Been there done that ,bought the T shirt. Still will not activate but finally got onto a Optus service tech who said they were going to tell me the truth that they ( optus) were having troubles at there end due to a new computer system and processs .They said it is out of there hands in processing fetch tv orders as the internet & fetch are two different departments and the fetch department is having troubles processing  and closing orders due to volume of NBN&Fetch change overs. Its taking they a long time to process the orders in order to activate the mighty box and can do nothing till this is done. they said it should take another two weeks, already I have waited 2 months.

Not good enough , they should of told me this from the start ,not waisting time & frustration of constantly phoning and beening lead the the garden path in trying to resolve this.

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