I have downloaded the Netflix app on my mobile and I have received an SMS from Optus confirming tv streaming is now activated. I'm not sure what to do now. The only option I have with Netflix is to sign up for the free month, however, then I'm told I have to go on one of their plans. I would be grateful for any assistance so I can get watching Netflix.

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As far as I understand you still have to select a plan and when the free trial is over it will revert to whatever you have selected, If the free data offer is only available on your phone then then you only require the minimum plan.

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Hi @Farnarkler, I hope you've managed to work it out since posting- sorry for the late reply.

In essence, your Netflix subscription is independent of the Mobile TV Streaming Bolton. You'll still need to select a plan with Netlfix and maintain in order to have access past the free 30days offer.


The Mobile TV Streaming bolt-on will allow you to watch Neflix from the Netflix app data free, only on the mobile the bolt-on is installed on. 


In case you still need more info- details on the Mobile TV Streaming can be found here →

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