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Did you ever get this resolved? 


Sadly, I see Optus haven’t made any improvements because 12 months later I today got an email from Netflix saying Optus couldn’t bill me so illy subscription was been cancelled today. Yet, it was on my last bill and I’m in credit with Optus. Yet they’re telling me it hasn’t been billed but I can see it plain as day. 


No prior notice or anything. 


First excuse:

I checked the previous bill see that it was old account and due to upgradation of the systems netflix is no more billed under optus so you can login to netflix then you can setup netflix on the fetch as well and bill will not be with optus anymore. 


yet i I haven’t changed plans etc.


Second excuse:

: Due to the system upgrade and netflix subscription is no more under optus though you can install and see on fetch tv. 


Literally given seconds apart. 

Re: Netflix cancellation


I've had my Netflix billed through my Optus Account for the past 2 1/2 years - never been billed for Netflix any other way.

Got a 'Cancellation Confirmation' email at the beginning of this month to say 'Unfortunately, Optus has let us know that your account could not be billed through your Optus subscription. We are cancelling your membership'. Naturally I ignored this, assuming this to be spam and an attempt to fraudently obtain my Credit card details since there had been NO INDICATION WHATSOEVER from Optus that they would no longer be billing my Netflix through them. My last Optus Bill still had the Netflix charge on it, but without a description. Was it a coincidence that it was the same month that Optus decided to re-format the bill and completely change my account number???

I have now had to set up a new Netflix account independantly and am not looking forward to contacting Optus to make sure I will not continue to be billed through them and for an explanation as to why this has happened in the first place.

Re: Netflix cancellation


Same happened here. I was notified by Netflix only and on the day of cancellation! I’d just been billed 5 days prior and the charge was on there. I’m in credit too so it’s not as though I’m behind in my billing.

When contacting Optus, All I got was varying excuses all from the same customer service rep. 


Not happy here either and I’m still been charged.

Re: Netflix cancellation


Yep, my 'Cancellation Notice' was on the day of Cancellation as well. I don't think Netflix are at fault here. I rang
Netflix and ended up setting up a new account with a 30 day free trial so that, if Optus get their end sorted, I can cancel the new account without penalty and continue with the old one. Surely this must be happening to thousands of Optus Customers who have signed up with Netflix.


Re: Netflix cancellation


It seems persistance has paid off.

I was able to get on to an on line chat with Optus last weekend and explain the issue only to discover I was talking with an area specifically for Mobile customers (We are a Broadband/NBN/Home phone customer only).

The arranged for someone to call me back on the Monday morning. This happened, but I was still switched to 3 other areas and had to explain the issue 4 times and still ended up with the wrong area. I insisted that they get someone from the Broadband team to call me, which actually happened later that day. Finally got them to acknowledge the error on their end for billing me for Netflix when they no longer were passing that money on to Netflix. Got my new bill today with a one month credit for Netflix and no further Netflix charges.

Now with a new, independent from Optus, Netflix subscription with a one month free trial - so a bonus for my angst.

Re: Netflix cancellation


The cancellation fiasco had just happened to me as well. Netflix has been billed through my Optus package for almost 4 years, woke up this morning and had a cancellation email from Netflix.


No notification from Optus at all. What a pathetic operation Optus is running.





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