Netflix account cancellation email


Just received an email claiming to be from Netflix stating my account has been cancelled immediately as optus have let them know that my account could not be billed by my optus subscription. WTF?


So after 3 1/2 years all of a sudden there is an issue?


Surely this is a phishing fake email scam????




Re: Netflix account cancellation email


Got in touch with optus chat and was told I have to now purchase Netflix through Netflix direct after almost 4 years of having it paid as part of my Optus subscription.


No notification or prior warning given from Optus at all. 


I woke up to a cancellation email from Netflix.


Absolutely pathetic.

Re: Netflix account cancellation email


I agree. You'd think after two years Optus would have taken heed of the feedback and cc'd the customer on the email they send to Netflix telling them the billing arrangements will need to be updated.


Peter Gillespie

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