Netflix Sound issue - Default English 5.1 stereo


Just joined Optus in May 17 - new Optus cable; Netgear wifi modem CG300-2STAUS & new Fetch Set Top Box M616T.  All software uptodate.   Old TV - Loewe.  Fetch set top box audio set to Stereo - all fine.

Joined Netflix days ago - access ok, but choose programme or film and no sound.  Into settings and Netflix default audio setting is English 5.1.  Change to English and I have sound.   Pause for a while and restart - no sound.   Back to audio and it have reverted to English 5.1 so need to reset.

Out of Netflix into fetch and NO SOUND.   Into Fetch audio settings and STEREO box is ticked, but not highlighted.  Re tick stereo and enter - after putting my pin in and sound back.  PAINFUL


Old thread said software issue.  Assume Fetch can't be bothered to fix it, but any ideas out there?


If Netflix allowed a general setting for audio for my account it would be good but they don't have that option so you have to set audio up on each individual item streamed

Re: Netflix Sound issue - Default English 5.1 stereo


We too had Netflix audio sounding like chipmunks till we switched from English 5.1 to plain English. However we too found that when we switched to another program it flicked back to 5.1 and switching out and back in again it defaulted to 5.1. Irritating.


Re: Netflix Sound issue - Default English 5.1 stereo


Sorry to hear about this issue, @Benny1 and @ALLO. That sounds mighty frustrating (excuse the pun!). Raising a fault with the tech team may help resolve this issue faster. This article suggests it could be an audio setting issue, but you seem to be going in a circle trying to resolve it that way. May also be worth reaching out with Netflix directly to see if there are any planned updates in the works, as it seems to be a common issue with the app.

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Re: Netflix Sound issue - Default English 5.1 stereo


Happens to us too. Doesn’t happen with other devices only the fetch tv box. Sounds to me like there may need to be an update for the fetch box rather than Netflix. Any news on a resolution? There is no way to set the default sound setting within the Netflix app. 

Re: Netflix Sound issue - Default English 5.1 stereo


Hi @Olgach797, it sounds oddly similar to issues we've had in regards to HDCP compatibility.


If you've connected to your Fetch set top box to a stereo system, digital receiver or HIFI system you may experience issues with sounds or video. HDCP is a form of digital copyright protection intended as a safe measure against piracy. You may need to try a different HDMI cable.


Let us know if you’ve found a solution to this one.


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Re: Netflix Sound issue - Default English 5.1 stereo


Has there been any updates on this issue? I am having the same problem, I am an AV technician and have gone through every possible solution with no results. Only time I have had success is playing something, pulling the hdmi cable out and plugging it back in and the Fetch seems to then detect it. I am getting so over it. Next step will be getting rid of the Fetch as it’s been so problematic.

Re: Netflix Sound issue - Default English 5.1 stereo


Any updates on this? If I keep it on 5.1 Stereo I seem to get a 0.5 sec delay through my surround sound system. When turn to stereo it’s perfect. It’s just a pain having to do this every time we want to watch something on Netflix.

Re: Netflix Sound issue - Default English 5.1 stereo


Yes this happens at both my boyfriend’s house and my brother’s when using their fetch boxes. Different boxes and different set ups. It’s so annoying. Have to go and reset it for every single program. Would love for Fetch to roll out a fix ASAP. 

Re: Netflix Sound issue - Default English 5.1 stereo


Same issue for us too. Netflix defaulting to English 5.1 and sounding like a drunken chipmunk orgy. If I switch to English then sound comes good. Tried different TV settings and even different TV's. Tried different HDMI cables. I also have Netflix app on my smart TV and it works perfectly wihw English 5.1. To me, this is a Fetch issue rather than a Netflix issue. Although, it could also be "fixed" if there was a global audio setting for Netflix.

Re: Netflix Sound issue - Default English 5.1 stereo


Yep I too have this same issue.

It appears that only the Fetch boxes contain this flaw, possibly where there is an audio bypass through an extra device (surround sound/sound bar).


I have fetch connected to Samsung surround sound unit which in turn is connected to TV via hdmi.

All other applications and services are fine...except when I go into Netflix via the Fetch the option defaults to English 5.1.

You can go in and change it to English however as soon as you leave the that episode/ have to go back in and change the settings. (So frustrating)


I really dont think this is the HDMI cable as suggested in a this will do nothing. It's not a hardware fault however I checked this via process of elimination anyway. 

I also checked by completely removing my surround sound from the further issue. 


Long story short...Fetch is not properly instructing the Netflix application on the correct setting where audio passes via a device.


Fetch retains the setting fine.

Netflix defaults back to 5.1.


A simple code patch should fix this and pushed out in the next firmware update. 

I cant believe it's taken over a year and so many complaints to get this resolved. 


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