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Re: Need to reboot fetch every time we use it.

Going from bad to worse.

Still needs frequent,(daily at least) reboots. 9 out of 10 times it goes straight into a 10,9,8..countdown to standby while its coming up - that doesnt make any sense to me?

Scheduled recordings now vary between 5mins (of 1 hour scheduled) to 25 mins, so they are worthless.

Not uncommon when fast forwarding over ads and promos to have the replay stop, and fall back to the recordings list - have to restart the replay. Sometimes goes unresponsive to the remote while in FFWD. Note that Fetch themselves have no contact points at all....trying hide from unhappy users? 

Seems to be on the latest version. If they still think its the TV(Sony) doing something, tell me what and how to fix please?


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