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New Contributor JennyH
New Contributor

Need further assistance with activating Fetch

I am a new customer, I have received my fetch box and internet modem 4 days ago (on a Saturday). Optus had informed me that my service would be installed 2 days afterward, therefore I cancelled work so I could be there to open the door for the technician. I waited the allocated time 1-5pm no one showed up and I was left not knowing what to do, that night I had no internet and had troubles operating fetch on my tv (the time was too late to call customer service). The next day I gave Optus a call, I did not receive a direct number to contact for help like they mentioned I would on the first 24hrs after installation, thus I found the number online (133 937)and spent 3 HOURS on the phone !!!!!!! I was transferred over 20 times !!! I had to repeat constantly my details over and over again, all this for the next representative to tell me  "I am actually unsure why the last representative transferred you to me as I cannot help you, I am confused why he didn't explain to you the reason he was transferring you to me, I'm sorry ill transfer you to someone who can help" 40 minutes later on HOLD, eventually my phone had run out of charge and I was on 1% battery and my phone died still on hold. I don't understand? each person I spoke to said "the next representative will be able to book the installation for you and sort out what's going on" I don't see why I needed to be transferred a ridiculous amount of times, all to result with no help at all. I had to figure out on my own how to install the internet, thank god I figured it out because I don't know how long the next phone call would be. Now I must call technical support and see what's going on with the fetch box because it won't log in to my tv, could anyone please provide me with the direct technical support number?

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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: Need further assistance.

There is no "call 0399991234" to get a personal support consultant system.


You can either use 133 937 or LiveChat.


With Fetch TV, once it's connected to your WiFi or via an ethernet cable, you can then use the Activation Code that you will be sent via email or SMS to activate your Fetch service.

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