Movie streaming data charges


Constantly having a back and forth with optus. I have free movie streaming active and for the last two months have been charged for the usage that is suppose to be free. Clearly read the terms and conditions, I am not hotspotting, chromecasting, or downloading. It is also not in HD. So If anyone can give some Insight that wound be great. I've had 5 conversations varying from "this is our fault we will fix it" to optus employees straight up lying about word definitions to try and make me pay the additional 300+ dollars. 


Re: Movie streaming data charges


Assuming you activated the service when you first began and the sim is in the device that the free streaming service was offered on then there shouldn't be a problem. I have this offer myself and if I take the sim out of my tablet and put it in a modem I get charged for Netflix data. Is this a phone, tablet or MBB?

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