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i purchased a movie last night and after it said ready to play, and download complete. The movie wouldn’t play. It’d go to start the movie, then return to the previous screen. I thought it may have been the wifi, so I’ve since connected a cable straight to the Optus modem. This has made no difference. I’ve also tried to play, previously downloaded movies, and they’re doing the same thing. I’ve also tried to download the movie again and reset the box. Nothing appears to be working. What can I do to resolve this issue?


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Hi @Pannoman - there was a Fetch fault raised on Sunday night - ref 19882412, however this has been since been resolved. Can you please try performing a soft reset on the device? If you're still unable to access the movie, please send through a private message to us here, so we can refund you for the charges. We'll need your full name, date of birth and account number. Thanks.

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