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Anyone know how the mini matches on Optus Sport Premier League coverage are decided? I am logged on now and there are mini matches for a number of overnight games but not the Man City vs West Ham game. I am a Hammers fan (don't troll me for that:-)) and am continually frustrated when we seem to get less coverage on Optus Sport. This is the second or third time this season when we have played the so called "big teams" and yet still do not get a featured mini match.

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Hey @Shepbris, every team has the same number of On Demand (and therefore, Mini Matches) per season, capped at 29. Only matches available On Demand for that round will have a Mini Match offering. This is the nature of the current licensing agreement, but will change from next season (when the new agreement kicks in), meaning all matches, every round, will be available On Demand. Currently though we want to ensure there is a fair spread and that each team has a similar range of On Demand offerings against the "big teams", but this does mean compromising other big matches to ensure that balance is met. I don't imagine there would be any specific criteria or selection process for the on demand offering, outside of simply trying to ensure every team is evenly covered. I understand that sometimes it can seem some teams are favoured more than others, but as far as the on demand scheduling goes, every team is treated equally.


We have a Premier League blog, and a dedicated blog post that is updated weekly with that round's On Demand and replay schedule. Hope that helps!





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