Liverpool v Newcastle on demand


It says the game is on demand and I can access it on my phone but I want to watch it on the tv on my fetch box why isn’t it available ?

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I was watching it on my phone then it stopped and now I can't find it again 

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I checked 6 times this week that this game was on demand , went this morning to watch the game with my father and it’s not there. So googled to see if there was an issue and now I know the score. Thanks for ruining my morning and the 2 hours I had set aside to meet up and spend watching the game with my father. Why do we have so many issues with this app. Don’t bid for rights to something if you can’t deliver a product. Never had any issues when it was on Foxtel. 

Re: Liverpool v Newcastle on demand


I'm having the same problem – I checked the Optus app last night and the game was on there. This morning, it's suddenly not available on demand, but the Tottenham Huddersfield game, which wasn't available on demand last night, is nowcavailable.

So upsetting when you don't stay up or wake to watch a game thinking you can watch it in the morning and it's not there!!

AND why would you not put the games that are on at 3am and 4am on demand?!?! The ones at 10pm are on demand, but not those!!

Might as well get Foxtel and get Liverpool TV. This is a terrible subscription service – not only do we not get every game, the ones we're suppoed to get don't work.

What is the point of paying for Optus Sport?!

Re: Liverpool v Newcastle on demand


Hi all, we're aware of an issue impacting some videos on Optus Sport and our tech team are working as quickly as possible to resolve it. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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