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Land line not working

I now have Optus for the NBN and switched our land line from Telstra to Optus. We had Telstra internet with ADSL . The NBN works fine. I can make calls from the land line but cannot receive them.  My questions are as follows

1 Do I have to cancel my  account with Telstra or (as I assumed) this is done automatically when the NBN and phone line was transferred to Optus

2 What do I have to do to get the land line working - its been over 3 weeks and I haven't got any response from the case manager despite repeated requests

3 I haven't received any bill from Optus as yet.

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Re: Land line not working

Landline porting sometimes got stuck when moving to NBN.
1. No need to disconnect with Telstra, Optus will do it with the port.
2. Is your phone connect to the Optus modem and not on the wall? Restart the modem and see if that pickup phone settings.
3. Don't worry, it will come.

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