JVC TV Codes not working with Fetch


Hi Guys,

I have recently purchased a JVC TV (LT-40N570A) from BigW and I am trying to use my fetch tv remote as a universal remote to also control the TV - which I was successful at doing with my old TV. 
However, none of the codes that I have tried have been successful. I have tried:
0653, 1153, 0606, 1653, 0371, 0731, 0683, 0036, 0190, 0192, 0218, 0418, 0069, 0093, 0650, 0053, 1818, 2714 
Are there any new codes that would work for the LT-40N570A model?

Re: JVC TV Codes not working with Fetch


You would be best speaking to JVC support direct. 

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