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New Contributor

Internet and Fetch box issues

I have had the WORST experience with Optus Support and still have ongoing Fetch issues

Due to Covid-19, im force to work from home and my 3 kids are stuck home from school.

I have been trying to get Optus support to resolve me issues for going on 2 weeks and still have not had any luck. I raised a Customer Relations case and STILL NOTHING.

My NBN dropped out  2 weeks ago and when i got in touch with Optus support via chat, i was bounced around 3 days before Optus confirmed there was an issue on my account. It still wasnt fixed further a further 2 days and then randomly started working.

At the same time, my Fetch box died, i asked support to process a replacement but i keep getting transferred to different support teams who cannot process the request. Ive been on chat daily for 4+ hours and still nothing.

Finally today I got a response and someone called me and after 10 minutes was told he couldnt help and would need to transfer me to another team, 45 minutes later the 2nd agent told me he didnt have access in the system to process the request and a 3rd transfer occurred, after being on hold for 1.5 hour the phone hung up. 

I have 3 children at home that cant watch TV and  as a result my family business is being impacted because im not focusing on my work. Can someone help me please and suggest how i can get a replacement Fetch box?

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