How to stop Fetch Tv Mini going to Sleep


How to stop Fetch mini going to sleep , pls help thanks 

Re: How to stop Fetch Tv Mini going to Sleep


On mine its:


Menu Button

Select "Manage" then select "Settings"

Select  "User"


Should say something like Streamed Channel Time Out

"Only when TV powered Off" (with conditiont hat it will sleep after 3 hours regardless and cannot be changed)


"Only after 3 hours"


So 3 hours is the maxiumum unless you press a button.

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Re: How to stop Fetch Tv Mini going to Sleep

I have a Fetch Mighty, not Mini, STB. I've noticed that when it went into Sleep Mode after 3 hours, it sometimes would not come out of Sleep Mode and required the power to be turned off, and back on, to restart the box. Thus, I wanted to disable Sleep Mode so the Sleep Mode awakening glitch became a non-issue. (The glitch is known to Fetch Support who told me that they are looking for a solution to prevent it.) Anyway, a Fetch Support rep gave me the following way to disable Sleep Mode in my Fetch Mighty STB. I'm not sure if you have the same menu options where the setting changes need to be made in your Mini, but this is how I did it in my Mighty: Manage/Settings/User/Streaming/Streamed Channel Time Out (set to 'Never') ***Note: If you do NOT have unlimited download data with your ISP, you probably don't want to disable Sleep Mode by set this to 'Never' because the STB will be streaming data 24/7 non-stop which could put you over your download data quota.
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