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How to activate a second hand fetch?





What can I do with the second hand fetch mini?



Re: How to activate a second hand fetch?


If its from Optus then you purchased a device that never was owned by the person who sold it.

All Fetch devices from Optus are on rent/lease and can only be activated against the Optus service it was sold with or in this case you can have a mini for $5 a month against an Optus Post Paid service.


You cannot activate a 2nd hand Fetch box that was from Optus.

Its a paperweight if its a 2nd hand Optus device.

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Re: How to activate a second hand fetch?


Unless you bought a refurbished one from an established company (i.e. JBHiFi) then as mentioned its a paper weight. Sorry, you got scammed.


Peter Gillespie

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