How do I sign up for Optus Sport


I have been going around in circles for about an hour, trying to sign up for Optus Sport on my Apple TV. The ATV tells me to go to the website and sign up. However when I try to sign up I am taken to the Optus Sport App download. I'm going around in circles. Why is it so hard to pay Optus??? Why can I not sign up? This is madness, please help.

Re: How do I sign up for Optus Sport


Welcome to the forum @Helpplease321.


Happy to help out with this one. There's a couple of things we need to know.


Are you attempting to sign up for a standalone Optus Sport subscription (that's purchased directly via the Apple App store, or Google Play Store)?


If you're attempting to add an Optus Sport subscription to an existing Optus service i.e. Mobile or Broadband - you'll need to head to our Optus Sport eligibility page and follow the prompts.


Let us know. 




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Re: How do I sign up for Optus Sport


I have exactly the same question and I'm trying to sign up for a standalone Optus Sport subscription.  What can I do?

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