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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Gen 3 remotes available via Fetch eBay store

Customers will see a new information tile on the Fetch menu screen as of today. This tile will be about the Gen 3 Fetch remote with the quick access Netflix button on it.


Once selected they will go to a screen that advises them to go to the Fetch eBay store to purchase the remote at the cost of $29.95.

Important Note: Currently if an order is processed via Optus a Gen 2 remote will be sent to the customer. The Gen 3 remotes will be available though Optus in the future but not currently.

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Gen 3 remotes available via Fetch eBay store

What are the changes with the new remote?

  1. Addition of the Netflix button. Customers can select this and launch Netflix right away. Otherwise they can go to Menu > Apps > Netflix or select channel 995 or press Apps > Netflix

  2. Text button. Previously you needed to select the turn numbers on and then select Text “info button” to turn text on

  3. Relocation of the search button. Moving of the search button from below the channel change will lower the amount of customers accidently selecting it

  4. Clear “Pressing the turn number on and then the info button” Allows customers to clear test they may have accidently entered when searching. This will only remove the last character entered.


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