Gen 3 Wifi disconnects

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Have had the Fetch and adsl connected for a couple of weeks now and keep having issues with the Gen 3 staying connected to the net. I find that if we're not watching TV or if we are watching free to air stations, not Foxtel ones, after a while we will get a notification advising that we are no longer connected to the internet. So, when we want to watch something that needs the net we have to keep putting in our Wifi password. It's very annoying having to put it in a couple of times a day. The Gen 3 is only about 2.5ish metres away from the Optus modem and we don't have connection issues with any of our other devices. Why doesn't it save our wifi password? How do we fix it without having to use an ethernet cable, which will defeat the purpose of why we upgraded in the first place.

Re: Gen 3 Wifi disconnects

I am having the same issue. I have an Optus Adsl service, and fetch tv mighty box, and every day I have to type in the wifi password again. It works fine until it disconnects overnight when I'm not using it, then I have to type the password in again. Does anyone have a solution? Is there a firmware update to enable the mighty box to remember wifi passwords?

Re: Gen 3 Wifi disconnects


Yikes! Sounds super frustrating, @kmbates and @SamBarls Smiley Sad This definitely shouldn't be the case. Have you each tried factory resetting your set top boxes? This can be done by following these instructions here. If this doesn't do the trick I'd recommend getting in touch with our Faults team on 133937 so we can launch an investigation. 

Re: Gen 3 Wifi disconnects


Yes it is quite frustrating! Sorry that hard reset doesn't work on my box - are you sure those are the correct steps for the latest mighty fetch tv box?


Re: Gen 3 Wifi disconnects


Hi @SamBarls,


The steps provided should work, that being said you may also want to speak with our dedicated Yes TV by Fetch tech team on 133937. If you're provided any fault reference or PR numbers feel free to send these through to us as we can provide updates on the report.

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