Foxtel IQ2 phone connection


Does anyone still use a phone line for ordering on demand on Foxtel? Does it work on NBN?

All on line literature and chat techs say this method was removed years ago - but I still use and need it.


OPTUS - please DONT disconnect me





Re: Foxtel IQ2 phone connection


Foxtel tend to provide people with a means to order via their internet connection these days. IQ3 boxes have WiFi built in and when they last installed an IQ2 box for a family member an ethernet over power adaptor was provided to bridge the gap.


If you currently have Foxtel from Optus it would be via Optus' HFC (Cable) network which is being decomissioned. When you switch over to the NBN, you'll also be required to switch over to Foxtel Satellite.


I'd contact Foxtel directly to discuss the options available to you.

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