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FetchTV software suggestion - series tags

This is a suggestion to improve the FetchTV software.  Hopefully it will get passed on!!!


Using the Fetch Mighty, you have a series tag set for a programme.  If you happen to be watching that programme while it is live on TV (ie, while it is recording) and you hit the [stop] button, it stops recording.  If you hit the [stop] button again it deletes the series link.  (because the Fetch remote sometimes needs a second try, you can easily press a button twice, thinking it didn't work the first time)


The user guide says "To exit Pause Live TV press [stop]". It also says "From the TV Guide ... To cancel press [stop]".  It doesn't say "while watching", so it probably shouldn't do that!


This isn't a fault — rather, it is not intuitive, and highly irritating.


Thanks in advance!

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Honoured Contributor

Re: FetchTV software suggestion - series tags

Nice tip.


Suggest you also post it direct to the FetchTV.




Peter Gillespie