FetchTV and Optus Sports Package included in my mobile plan


I have a YesTV by Fetch subscription with Optus. I watch FetchTV on the Fetch box which is connected to the TV. I also have Optus sport included on my phone plan with Optus which I can watch free of charge on the optus sport app on my phone.


However, when I try to watch Optus Sport on the Fetch box it asks me to subscribe and lists the price as $14.99/month. It also states that "Optus sport is $14.99/mth unless it's included in your plan. Visit to see plans it's included in. If you've already subscribed then you don't need to do anything".


If I select subscribe and input my FetchTV pin will I be charged or will the subscription fee be waived because I have an Optus Sport subscription included on my phone plan?




Re: FetchTV and Optus Sports Package included in my mobile plan


Morning @BodhiBoy


Sorry we couldn't get to you sooner.


This question pops up quite regularly. If you do choose to subscribe via the subscription menu on your Fetch STB, you won't be charged an additional amount.

The discount is built into the plan itself. We can't charge one account for two subscription services using the same credentials to login. 


I'd go in and subscribe Smiley Happy If you do run into any issues, we're always here to help out. 


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