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Fetch is working fine for catch up but live tv I can only access channel 7, I fixed my aerial yesterday as I thought that was the issue but hasn’t made any difference, if I plug my aerial into tv directly I can watch all channels! Is it a fetch box issue or an issue with the whole Optus situation at the moment, it has been happening for weeks but I would wiggle aerial cord or turn fetch on/off or reset & that would fix it. Can’t live chat due to the service at the moment it won’t load! Can’t call them as my phone always cuts out after around 20mins & yes I’ve been back to Optus & they changed the sim over but made no difference........ to be honest completely over Optus service as my wifi is crap too but after the hours I’ve spent trying to sort it with them I put up my white flag & mainly use mobile data at home now 🙄

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Re: Fetch

Sounds like an over heating thing with the phone? 


The Fetch thing isn't Optus but either your aerial still or an issue with the box. Perhaps take it to a mates place and see if you can get channels scanned at their place. You are rescanning for channels I take it?


If you can't get it working request a new Fetch Box be sent out (They're on lease so Optus will replace a faulty one any time)


Peter Gillespie

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