My Fetch Tv box does not receive channel 7 in High Definition. I live in Toowoomba, channel 7 HD is broadcast on channel 60 which is tuned in just fine, full bars on both signal strength and quality, but no high definition. All the other HD channels are good - ABC, 9, 10, SBS, but not 7. Both my TV and DVD recorder tune it in as HD but not Fetch. I have a powered masthead amplifier, I have tried doing factory reset on Fetch, (more than once), but it just does not receive channel 7 in HD. Personally I think that this is weird, how does it receive the other channels in HD but not 7? Can you help?


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Recieving other channels in HD but not 7 isn't wierd, that's potentially just a reception issue. What is extremely weird is recieving a  channel 7 SD channel but not the HD channel. Each broadcaster sends out all out its channels at once in a single mixed up data stream called a MUX. Its just a very long run of 1s and 0s. The PVR gets all channels from each broadcaster at once. Depending on which channel you select it then just picks out the bits of the mux it needs and throws away the rest of the data as not needed.


As an aside, this is why some PVRs let you record more than two channels at the same time (so long as they are on the same network). A PVR has two tuners (allowing it to decode two muxes at once) It can then easily record every channel within each mux allowing it to save SBS, SBS HD, SBS VICE, 7, 7 HD, 7 SHOPPING etc. all at once.


But anyway, if you can view other HD channel then the units HD decoder isn't busted. If you can see 7SD but not 7HD then it would seem likely an issue with the network transmission (ask a neighbor if they can get 7 HD - or try tune in stations direct to your TV as a test). 


Peter Gillespie

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Thanks Peter,

My TV and DVD recorder both receive 7  in HD,  but Fetch only SD, neighbours have no problem either. As I said signal strength and quality both show full bars. I guess I'll just have to live with it and watch through my TV set if I want 7 in HD.


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