Fetch won’t update


Help! My fetch box is connected to my wifi extender. When I connect via wifi or Ethernet to another device they all work fine. The fetch wants to update but it just starts and then stalls and does nothing. Been trying for 2 days now. Unplugged everything completely. Left for an hour and tried again. Repeated process a dozen times. Nothing. Any ideas???

Re: Fetch won’t update


We've read a few others have had trouble updating their Fetch to Heathcote 2.22

As per the last comment there, the box itself may need replacing if you've had it for a while.

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Fetch Software Update 2.22 Not completing


Hi there,

I'm setting up Fetch for the first time. On the 2.22 Heathcote update stage it is just hanging there. It says it will take a few minutes but it's just not completing. 


Interenet connection is fine on other devices so I don't think its that although I'm seeing orange flashes from the back of the TV box. I've tried restarting the update but the same thing happens.


Any ideas anyone on what I should do?



Re: Fetch Software Update 2.22 Not completing


All sorted. 3rd time lucky

Re: Fetch won’t update


I have the same issue, box show critical hardware fault. Restart fetch book

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