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Fetch with new ISP


The guy in Optus retentions just told me I can continue using my Fetch box (not purchased outright) with any other ISP - including Vodafone NBN so long as I continue paying the monthly $15 fetch subscription. 

Upon looking further into this I’ve found contradicting info saying I can’t actually do that and the NBN must be with either Optus or one of the ISPs listed (dodo etc). 

Could someone please clarify will the Fetch box still work with any ISP as long as I’m paying the subscription. 



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If the Fetch TV was bought through Fetch themselves (or Harvey Norman for example) then you can use it with any ISP.

If you got it from an ISP (ie: Optus), then it will only work on the Optus network, won't work on Vodafone's NBN network.

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Re: Fetch with new ISP


Hi, that’s what I’m saying. 

We didn’t buy it outright, we bought it through Optus, which is why we’re currently paying for a $15 subscription. This is why I was concerned when the Optus agent said it would work with any ISP as long as the fetch monthly subscription was active and still being paid. We mentioned Vodafone which is not on the list and he again confirmed it would work so long as the $15 was still active. 

Re: Fetch with new ISP

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Its extremely clear cut (although Optus don't go out of their way to inform customers about it,) You can be an Optus customer for 10 years and pay $15 a month (or $1800 for the $300 FetchTV box) and you don't own it. Its leased and if you don't send it back to Optus when you leave you will be charged a further $350 non return fee. Even if you pay the $350 you still don't own it and it will not actually work elsewhere (Optus will deactivate it). 


The good news is returning it is free. Optus will send out a satchel on request to post it back. 


If you want to keep using Fetch then other ISPs will also provide it (although they all lease it to you, not sell.) IMO its probably best to just buy a refurbished unit from JBHiFi and that you will own (although it won't get any free channel packs that ISPs might include in their plans.


Peter Gillespie

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