Fetch will not work


On my second Fetch mini, same problem as the first.

install goes well diagnostics say everything is working but!

Screen will go black then come back about every 20 seconds, and then nothing will play, as a matter of fact i have never had any program play.

Have spoken to techies on phone and they cant see a prob, i have tried everything, different cables different ports, Apple TV will work with the same ports and netflix will run on three Ipads in the house.

I have tried wifi, powerline, and ethernet all have the same lack of results and all passed the diagnostics.

I think it may as well go back in the box. 

Re: Fetch will not work


Hey Balky - Not great to hear! 

So you've replaced your Fetch in the past and the same issue is occurring? 


I'd recommend raising a fault via this link here → & someone will contact you asap. 

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