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Contributor Harrison

Fetch unresponsive Black Screen after TV source change

Recently after changing between the TV source assigned to Fetch and the Smart TV’s Apps, Fetch presents a black screen and is unresponsive requiring a hard reset. For example, switching from the Fetch input source to the Smart TV Stan steaming App and then back to the Fetch input source, the TV displays a Black screen. The Fetch box is unresponsive, restarting Fetch via the Fetch remote doesn’t work. The only option is to restart the Fetch box by turning the power off and on.
[[Setup: Fetch Mighty (Software up to date), Samsung QLED Q8 (software up to date), Fetch is connected to NBN (average 85-90Mbps) via strong wifi, Fetch box connected to TV via HMDI Arc port.]]
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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Fetch unresponsive Black Screen after TV source change

Sounds like HDMI handshake issues. Possibly the TV is not recognising the Fetch input once you switch back:

1) If it happens again try pull out the HDMI cable and plug it straight back in
2) Try the HDMI cable in a new TV port (HDMI 3?)
3) Try a different HDMI cable
4) Confirm the video setting on the Fetch make sense (i.e. what resolution is it set to etc.)

Peter Gillespie