Fetch tv scam?


I cant get onto Optus to ask them, but I got an email from Optus stating my Fetch box was not activated nd the activation code has expired and to ring them on 133 937.

Is this legit? my Fetch box is activated and Ive had it for over 4 years now.



Re: Fetch tv scam?


Is your fetch working now? If so all good and nothing more to do. Seems like a communication error. 


As for scam the details all just ask you to ring Optus so not sure where the scam comes in? Any dubious links in the email?


Peter Gillespie

Re: Fetch tv scam?


sounds like an communication error..Dont worry, please click on this link to fix the issue.


http://therealmicrosoftactivationteam..... also, we would need you to buy $1000 in itune card to verify your account. 

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