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im having a problem with my fetch tv remote.. i cant connect it to my GVA tv, tried all code.

can someone helpSmiley Happythx

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Fetch TV jumping in here.  All the codes we have are in the User Guide which you can access here   If your TV isn't listed, unfortunately it means we don't currently have a code for it.  Sorry.


Fetch TV

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I've tried all the code but it still dosent work.. only 3 codes for GVA

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Getting a 404 error on the link

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I have recently bougth a Bauhn TV from Aldi, do you have any idea which code is compatible?


I know Aldi sells their own brand in Europe and it is called Medion there, I have tried all these codes and several of the bigger brands. Can anybody give me an idea before I might have to try all of them?



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Hi Fetch TV - I also have a Bauhn TV and would like to know how customers can request a brand be added to the universal remote list. I notice that this brand is available on other univesal remote manufacturers lists. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Hi there Fetch TV , Could you please let me know how a customer could request a brand be added to the universal remote list? I have a Bauhn TV and I know there are plenty of people out there with this brand plus it appears on other manufacturer's universal remote lists, Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey @Pidge, it's something we can definitely pass on for you to our FetchTV guys however not too sure what the process is to actually get a TV brand added to the remote.

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Re: Fetch tv remote


When will there be a code for my bauhn tv to my fetch tv set top box? Or does anyone know of one? Ive searched everywhere. Model no. as-47fhd1

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Did you ever get an answer?


I have the same problem.

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