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New Contributor hsvally
New Contributor

Fetch tv not getting free to air channels

Hi all,

I have set up my fetch tv box however cannot get free to air channels. I don't have an outside antenna as birds broke it and due to having foxtel i didnt need. Its plugged into the splitter than runs the nbm and did run foxtel but had to be removed to fit fetch in. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Re: Fetch tv not getting free to air channels

The NBN/Foxtel is not an antenna. You won't get a signal from it. So now you need an antenna.


If you want FTA TV then you will need to get an antenna.


So perhaps fix up the one you have (you should still be able to plug something into its wall plate and try scan with that as is?)


You could also consider getting a cheap indoor antenna but its a 50/50 proposition that it will work. Bunnings will let you return it for a refund though.




Peter Gillespie