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New Contributor tanyamohr
New Contributor

Fetch tv jumping all over theplace

My fetch tv just started jumping from chanel to chanel and them started jumping around all over the place.

it isntt the remote we took the batteries out and it still kept going.


it started working again but is now back to jumping.


i have run the diagnostic and it says it is fine.  Is this a glitch?

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RetiredModerator AlexRH

Re: Fetch tv jumping all over theplace

Hmm, it does sound like there's something going on there!

Is this something you've since raised with our Faults team?
If not, please try going to Menu > Manage > Settings > Device Info > Fetch TV Restart.

If that doesn't help, would recommend getting in touch with our Faults team here so we can take a look.

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Fetch tv jumping all over theplace

Could be a glitch but probably still a wayward signal. 


Turn off all lighting, unplug nearby equipment (ampliers, PCs, phones, etc.), close the door to the room, i.e. try to isolate the unit from anything electrical. Just have the TV and the Fetch on.


See if that fixes the issue. If so then start turning things back on untill the issue starts again.




Peter Gillespie


PS Have you changed anything recently in the room?

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