Fetch tv channels skip and have difficulty streaminh




So my tv channels (not free to air) are skipping and having difficulty streaming. I keep getting a notification saying low internet but i did a speed test on the laptop and the speed is really good. The streaming issues only started a day or two ago and it only happens at night. 


What's the go optus? 

Re: Fetch tv channels skip and have difficulty streaminh


G'day @Bec141990, how's the Fetch box connected to the internet? Is that directly to the modem, over WiFi or are using extenders or powerline adapters? 


If you're using WiFi, 


On your box, go to Menu > Manage > Settings > Network > Wi-Fi and select your Wi-Fi network. Now select the Advanced Wi-Fi option. For good performance the Signal Quality (RSSI) should be between -20dB and -70dB. Anything lower than - 75dB means a very low signal quality, and Wi-Fi may not work reliably.


If the internet connection does appear to be working fine on other devices connected to the same WiFi Network, you'll need to try the following:


Soft Reset


If that doesn't work, you're next best bet is a Hard or Factory Reset

Hard reset


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