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Hi, long time user of fetch tv and Optus sport. Recently my box has permanently shown a message of ‘preparing system please wait’. I have tried a soft and hard reset to no avail. I’ve unplugged the fetch box from both the tv and the power supply for days and attempted to reconnect. I’ve attempted to connect the fetch box to different HDMI sources, and also attempted to connect via an Ethernet cable. 


All to no avail. I am wanting to continue watching the EPL so any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

Re: Fetch - preparing system please wait


Sounds like you've pretty much exhaused all the troubleshooting, @Jamez08

Please send us a private message and i
nclude your full name, D.O.B, mobile number and address so we can arrange a replacement Fetch box and get you back to watching the EPL. 

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