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Hello just transfered from cable to nbn and now have a new fetch box migthy , can I use my old gen2 fetch box as a multyroom , or I have to get a mini fetch box.

Re: Fetch multy room


The boxes all remain the property of Optus. 


That said there's no time limit on returning the box (OPtus will send out a satchel on request). Plug it in and see if it works.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Fetch multy room


You can definitely use your Gen 2 box with Fetch mighty as a part of multiroom feature !! If both of your bozes are linked to each other in Optus System !! But as Gen 2 boxes are no longer in Market !! You cannot stream Free to air basis channels from Gen 2 to Gen 3 !!

I work for the Optus TV & Content Technical Support team and provide advice on Yes Crowd voluntarily.
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