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Fetch channel subscription not going through

Received free optus fetch box during the world cup issue. Account connected to mobile. Trying to subscribe to main channel packs. Optus sport went through fine a couple of months ago, but now when I try channel pack, says "cannot be completed, contact provider" been 3 days now - same issue. (fyi I tried Hillsong - a free sub and it works fine) Spoke to CS: 1st guy said to hard reset which I did - no luck. 2nd was very rude and refused to even acknowledge I have an account. told me to go to a store. they laughed. 3rd found my account on "Jarvis" and tried to remove the subscription manually on the system so I can re-add. Have now wasted over 3 hours on this - somebody please help.

Re: Fetch channel subscription not going through


Hi @Balluji - Are you able to get any other channel subscriptions? Can you please private message me with your account number, full name and DOB? Let's take a look on our end!

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Re: Fetch channel subscription not going through

Thanks - this resolved itself about 24-48 hrs after the last CS agent manually removed the pack from the billing system. Was able to re-add successfully yesterday, Hope this helps anyone with the same issue.
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