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Fetch box upgrade


Recently I had a problem with my Fetch box. I did a "live chat" and it turns out that that the box was overloaded with recordings. But instead of being able to delete some items, I did not get the chance even though there was a little bit of memory left. ie, no warning! During the conversation I was told that I could be upgraded. At no time was I told that there would be a charge and that when the new box arrived please return the old one. Please check the details of that conversation.


An e-mail arrived saying thanks for my order. So I returned the e-mail asking if there was a charge and if so "how much". I also asked what the benefits were and that if there was no real benefit to me I would send it back. Please advise.


Instead of answering me I get this e-mail to join "yes crowd", and go through the same thing once again. All I wanted was a straight forward answer to my e-mail and not have to go through these stupid games. What does "message tags" mean? I'm sorry but this is all a complete waste of time. Why no answer the first time? Did a human being read the e-mail and if so why wasn't it answered?

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Re: Fetch box upgrade

There is no "email address" you can write your customer service queries to, they are simply email addresses that say no-reply for example. So you won't get a response, the "message tags" just allows you to group messages together based on things like "Fetch" "TV" so when people search for solutions, they might see your thread and it might help them too.


As to your query,


1. You can delete items, you don't need Optus approval to do this. However, the staff identified a possible option for you (the box upgrade to give you more space to save your recordings). 


2. As to the "there was no charge discussed", we don't have access to the chat logs, however customer service do. If you feel an invalid charge has been applied, pick up the phone or chat to customer support to get it investigated. They can see these notes and help you resolve the concern. You haven't actually mentioned if there was any charge listed on the order confirmation email you got, so I'm assuming from what you've left out, that either you left it out intentionally, or there was nothing on the email that suggested any charge.


3. "An email saying thanks", you can't reply to those emails asking for help. They are sent by the ordering tools. You need to call or chat if you have further questions.


3. Correct, they send an automated response stating they aren't monitored mailboxes (as they are simply an ordering application), and directed you here to try and get you some expedited answers. You can't get a "straight forward email response" from most providers, those who do, I've seen take over 7 days to respond to email queries (As they aren't considered any form of priority communication).

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