Fetch box streaming issues

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Fetch box cannot cope with streaming of SBS on demand without freesing and saying no internet. Despite using powerline adapters direct into powerpoint and also reducing bandwidth to 1 it is totally frustrating. also turning off phones etc does not help. However the Foxtel IQ4 has no such problems streaming via wifi.


With EPL staring soon should i just go and buy a chromecast for Optus sport and use that or my playstation for streaming from internet as i have no confidence in Fetch working properly. Yes i have rebooted modem and unplugged the fetch box but no change.

Having spent $160 on pwerline adapters i am loath to spend more money unless i have to, but cannot possibly watch sport with the issue. Tv is a dumb tv 10yo Panasonic Viera. I have moved the antenna connection to IQ4 because the fetch box feels like something I don't need, yet want to watch SBS and ABC on demand.


Any assistance welcome as i am thinking of sending the box back.

Re: Fetch box streaming issues


Have you tried streaming some live content from the Optus Sport app? In my (limited) experience, I've had different streaming experiences with different apps through the same device. For example, I can chromecast Netflix and Stan just fine over WiFi hope when streaming YouTube and Kayo, it stutters and buffers (fixed this by upgrading to an Ultra but it's besides the point). 


Different apps use different protocols to deliver their streams which is why there's a difference and why I'd suggest testing Optus sport specifically before doing anything else. When testing, make sure you test live content, not on demand content as as far as I'm aware they use different protocols within the same app for the 2 different services. 



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Re: Fetch box streaming issues


Hi Sam


Don't watch much Live Tv and if so would use Fox for ABC and SBS. Never watch Comm FTA, and reason we delay watch is to FF through ads, another thing the Fetch wont do on streaming.


Wasn't aware that there was anything much on Optus Sports so will have a look over weekend. I did try a couple of items a week or so ago, but they only went for a couple of minutes with no problems; as compared to 45 mins for an episode of Berlin Station. The issue mainly happens when it goes to an ad and tries to return. Also in the time slot of 7-9pm.


Happy to try though and see what happens so if an issue it can be fixed before season starts.


SBS on demand has a lot we want to watch sadly, and worst luck not on Foxtel.




Re: Fetch box streaming issues


Thanks for your tip. Was able to watch a game live over weekend during peak.


Unplugged everything and disconnected wifi and all cables before reattaching everything except wifi and rebooted both the modem and fetch box again. Double checked connection was via cable, and all cords etc fully connected as much as possible, and all seems to be working ok now as we were able to stream sbs on demand albeit a different show with no ads last night.  ABC iview did not hang after ads.


Fingers crossed, neither will SBS

Re: Fetch box streaming issues


Same problem experienced. My mobile 4 G service is better than my NBN!

Re: Fetch box streaming issues


BTW- I have sent Optus a complaint on this matter.

Re: Fetch box streaming issues


Good luck with that, still waiting on a response to a complaint made and acknowledged as received by Optus 27/6/19.


I spoke too soon; subscribed to the knowledge pack (one of the free inclusions) last night, and made mistake of trying to watch a catchup. Everytime it went to an ad, it hung for minutes. Checked my optus app and download speed on wifi was >30mbps; fetchbox is connected by ethernet cable and inline powerline adaptors. Main issue seems to be recovering from an adbreak and I cbf rebooting etc every 15 mins.

My old Sony bluray can access most of the catch-up channels so will give that a go tonight as it will use same line as fetch to get signal.

Thankfully Foxtel came to the party with significant price reduction and upgrade when I tried to cancel, mistakenly thinking that fetch was an equivalent, it streams with no issues on wifi and is located about a foot further away from modem than Fetch in same cabinet.


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