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After downgrade  my service with Optus I returned the Fetch Tv box as requested in an Optus reply paid post pack they sent me last month by Australia post. And now you still said ot recevied in warehouses . Because it was reply paid there is no way to track it as it wasn’t registered. Optus kept asking me what the consignment number was...there was no consignment number, I kept explaining that fact! It was a reply paid post pack. I put the unit in pack, went to the post office and handed it over..that’s it! I have called the Austlralia post and they said I don't have any reference number because I am not the one who paid , so the only person who can check is Optus , you sent me the post parcel so you should have all the record .And you also mail me the letter and a second parcel bag to return said that if you do not received by 21st Jun 2018 will charge me $200 , but already returned to you 29 th May 2018 . This is so annoying and ot seems alot of your customers have similar problem as I can see from the post !

Re: Fetch box return


My apologies for the mix-up with the non-return fee, could you please send me a PM with your full name, account number and DOB? I'll have this checked into

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