Fetch box not working


As per many others, I noticed my Fetch box stopped workingblast night. Have reboted several times butnnit can't connect to the internet. I know the connection is working as i plugged another device into the same cable and it had internet.


What else is there left to do?

Re: Fetch box not working


Hey Bobby, the fault raised yesterday for the Fetch outage has since been resolved. Have you tried performing a soft reset on the device? If you're still having trouble accessing channels, please get in touch with our Tech Support team so we can take a closer look into this service for you.

Re: Fetch box not working


That fixed it although I couldn't get the code via myaccount - had to use online help.


Re: Fetch box not working


Thanks for the update bobby. Reach out at anytime if you need help in the future. 

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