Fetch box losing internet connection all the time


Hi, my fetch box keeps losing internet connection. We have connected straight to our modem via the Ethernet cable. Our internet is a competitor but surely that won't make a difference. Our computer, phones, iPads and PlayStation all connect via wifi but we don't have the problems that the box does. My husband watches the soccer early in the morning when the rest of us are in bed so there isn't much on the modem but it still loses connection. What is the solution? This is our second box as the first one had problems. Thanks

Re: Fetch box losing internet connection all the time


Hi @Kellypower, certainly should not be having a problem. You'll need to make sure there are actually no drop-outs on the service during that time. Your ISP's Tech Support should be able to tell if this is the case and let you know. If there's no dropouts, perhaps try another Ethernet port and/or Ethernet cable.


Out of curiosity, you mentioned this is the second STB. Was the first having the same issues or was it a different issue? 


What model Fetch STB are you running?

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